Rock Work & Stamped Concrete Finishes

Rock Work – ArtificialArtificial Rock Around Pool

At ASI, we specialize in the construction and renovation of artificial rock work in and around swimming pools, water features, and ponds. We have a reputation for creating the most unique, outrageous, elaborate, high quality, talking pieces, ranging from exquisite rock water features and falls. From Caves to caverns to rock water slides to indoor water features and more.... Whatever you can imagine - We can BUILD!!!!!

Stamped Concrete Finishes

Stamped Concrete FinishesThere are many different stamped patterns to choose from, including ones that mimic stone, brick, and even wood.

Choosing this pattern will give you an authentic look that is at home in the surroundings. Seamless texture skins impart a stone-like quality onto the surface of the concrete that has no joints or pattern. With seamless texture skins, it is popular to add decorative saw-cuts to create a pattern of large squares or diamonds.

Stamped concrete can be poured in nearly any color. However, in Florida, it is popular to mimic the warm colors of the tropical environment we live in. Browns, tans and terra cottas are especially common in the area. we normally use a combination of colors to produce the final effect. If you are unsure on color choice, ask if we could provide you with a mock-up sample so that you can see exactly what you'll be getting. With the extreme heat and humidity of Florida, it is best to steer clear of dark colors that will absorb the sunlight and radiate heat. Another suggestion is to make sure the concrete is sealed with a product that will keep the color from fading in the sun, think of this as sunglasses for your driveway or patio.

Artificial Rock Grotto by Pool

Terracotta Concrete Tiles by pool

Multi-colored concrete tiles next to fountain